Rob & Vlado’s Message……


Hello Everybody,


Sorry if we haven’t got back to you over the phone, just reassuring you all that we are still here. It may take us up to two days to get back to you.


The government stimulus packages are unprecedented and are providing a lifeline to many small businesses and individuals alike.


You can access Fact Sheets from the government’s Economic Response to the corona virus via the link


We encourage you to give any of us a call if you have any questions as to how these packages apply to you or your business.


Until this all blows over you may find us working from home, so it is best to call us on our mobiles.


Contact Rob on 0437 799 713

Contact Vlado on 0411 630 895




Mark Ballestrin is handling all Centrelink queries during this period – he can be contacted on 0417 700 257.


We are currently updating all Centrelink records in relation to your account based pensions –  this will result in increased entitlements for those of you whom are asset tested or income tested.


The current maximum rate for a single pensioner is $944.30

                  Couples is $711.80 each.


Some of you may have questions regarding the Job Seeker payment – Mark can help with this.


Adrian Brooks can be contacted on 0401 916 727 for any of the above if Mark is not available.



During these difficult times we shall endeavor to assist you in any way we can.


This too shall pass.


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